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Will “Terraria” Be As Popular As “The Legend of Zelda”

Will “Terraria” Be As Popular As “The Legend of Zelda”

Are you a fan of the hit, Super Mario World? If so, are you also a fan of Terraria? If not, well you should be! Both Super Mario World and Terraria have their die-hard fans and they continue to be very successful games despite the many games that came before them. So, is Terraria 2 confirmed for a release?

In a word, no. However, it is certainly looking as if it may happen. After all, there was a very public petition for a sequel to Super Mario World to be made available by Nintendo. This request ultimately landed on the desk of Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-morning. Not that he was thrilled with the idea, but he did agree to look into it.

Soon after, Mr. Yamauchi stepped down as the president of Nintendo and presently, Shiny Entertainment is now handling the project. The team that is working on Terraria 2 hopes to bring the game to a later date, most likely right around the time when the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 console will be arriving on the market. According to Shiny Entertainment President, Shiny Producer, Koichi Fujioka, “Terraria” will be coming to the PlayStation 3 in “the near future”.

Now, this may seem rather vague, but Wii gamers probably saw the news coming. For those who missed out, “Terraria” is actually a Wii download title that lets you enjoy the wonders of the Wii’s controller-based gaming. It will feature a mix of action and strategy elements, with players taking on the role of “The King of Greens”, a legendary character that commands the forces of good in the game. If anyone was wondering if the new “MD Cooking Games” would be coming to the Wii or PS3 this summer, the answer is a solid, “yes”. On top of that, Shiny Entertainment has “Terraria” scheduled for a release sometime in fiscal year 2021.

Mr. Yamauchi also mentioned that the company is planning an additional Terraria game for release in 2021. In terms of a concrete release date, no specifics have been released. However, the game will be coming out before the end of this year. The game may receive a release prior to the release of Wii’s own entry in the genre, “Wii Sports Resort”, which is already set to be released in March of this year.

No matter where “Terraria” goes next, it seems that the popularity of the original ” Terraria” will be sustained. Hopefully, this trend will continue into next year’s sales, allowing me to have a full house of “Terraria” shirts and accessories by the time the game comes out. What are you waiting for? Act now and get yourself a copy of the PC game, or play the online version. Who knows, you may like it enough to recommend it to your friends!

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