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The Swordigo Guide to the World of Telara

The Swordigo Guide to the World of Telara

So you want to know how to get the gold in Greyheide caves? The easiest way is by using Swordigo. There is even a sample game that you can play! To get all the gold in this game you will have to buy the weapons, buy the spells and buy armor – you also have to keep an eye on the darkness in order to find the gold.

How to use Swordigo for writing is quite simple, just like with the rest of the add-ons, all you need to do is click on a special box in the top-right corner of the screen. When you mouse over the special box you will see a list of options, you will see “ode”, “ench”, “level”, “portal”, “chest” and “room”. Once you click on any of these boxes a drop down menu will appear, you will see “greyedge caves”.

This means that you are going to enter Greyheide caves and fight a corrupted knight, but there’s a good chance that you won’t kill him and only get past his shield. The first thing you should do is get your hands on your combat skills book and level your character up. Using swordigo is fairly easy once you learn to bind the right spells and use the right weapons. After you get past the corrupted knight you will notice a corruptor standing by a body of water, this is where you fight your opponent, kill him and enter the corrupted dimension.

The goal in this part of the game is to kill the corruptor, fight him and get past the door where the last corrupted knight is. If you get past him the door opens and you fight your way through another group of corruptors before finally entering the room where the true dragon is. The dragon is guarded by a group of powerful swordmasters. Once you kill the dragon you gain access to the ultimate powerful weapon, the swordigo.

In the next part of the game you will fight the last corruptor who uses a magical meteorite attack. Again the goal here is to defeat the enemy, so use the rod of frost and the powerful fire two and three magic bolts to bring down this enemy. When you finally enter the final cave you will find yourself outside against an army of undead. Your only chance of winning is to kill the boss and bring the swordigo into Telara.

The fight isn’t overly difficult and can be finished quickly if you level your mage up well and use your high damage spells to take down the entire force of the undead. However if you aren’t careful or aren’t fast enough the entire force of undead can be killed with one powerful thrust from your sword. When you finally arrive in Telara use your ice magic to slow the undead and take them all down one by one. When the last undead is killed the overseer rises from his throne. With the help of ice and a new staff the Swordigo is defeated and you obtain the ultimate weapon.

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