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Rush Rally 3 Mobile Phone Game Review

Rush Rally 3 Mobile Phone Game Review

Rush Rally is a professional motor racing sport which was created in Germany and is widely played across the world. The game involves a number of rallies which are available on a map which you need to complete to move forward. There are different stages which are present and they include San Francisco, England, Finland, Mexico, France and the USA. There are various levels which are present and they include beginner, intermediate, expert and master which allows you to increase your skill level.

Rush Rally 3 is the best rally driving game available on your phone. Here the gamer has to select a car of your choice and then follow various routes to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. You can either select a new level or continue where you left off to complete the rally.

You can use the Bluetooth feature in your handset to connect with the Rush Rally 3 mobile game and this will allow you to play the game in a better way. You have to select various cars which have been entered in the competition to select the one which is going to win the race. As soon as you have finished playing the race, you have to collect cash so that you can use them to upgrade your car and get new parts for the next race. If you have a good speed then you can stay at first position and if you win a race, you can get additional points so that you move up to the next level.

The Rush Rally 3 has some of the best features such as the rally graphics and the amazing weather effects. The graphics are quite good and they include high quality photographs of real rally events. You can use the rear view mirror to check out your surroundings. You can have a look at the other cars present on the track as well. The game also has an excellent tutorial option which teaches you the basics of the game.

The online player community of the game is large and there are many forums where you can discuss the game with other racers. In these forums you can share tips and tricks to make your racing experience more exciting. Some of the players have created their own websites to share their experiences about the game with others. Some of them also give tips to novice racers so that they can learn various techniques to boost their speed and improve their driving skills. Since it is an open source project, every one is free to add their favorite cars to the database and have them compete with each other.

Rush Rally 3 mobile phone game has taken mobile gaming to a whole new level. You no longer have to choose between the boring old versions of racing games. Now you can choose from any version or period, which ever you prefer. The game is designed in such a way that even a child can enjoy playing it.

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