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Red Imposter Game – A Holiday Story

Red Imposter Game – A Holiday Story

Red Imposter is a game based on a story of a boy who is about to become Santa’s right hand man. If you are tired already of the same story, then the last thing that you need is more of the same. This game is something that is worth checking out. If you enjoy hidden objects, then you are going to love this game.

Red Imposter – Nightmare Christmas is all about a boy who must save Christmas from a group of evil masterminds. The game’s story is just like the other hidden object stories where you have to find items and use them to solve puzzles. This time around, you are also given the power to do some action game gameplay while you discover clues to help you solve the mystery behind Santa’s return.

You will need to gather items and use them wisely to solve puzzles and earn cash to buy the final item that will turn the tide of the game. For instance, one of the challenges that you face is to get enough money to buy the ultimate life-size doll called the Space Mom. The moment you complete this task, the screen will shift to a Santa hat, and Santa will enter in our reality. When he does, you are then free to play again. There are eight levels to this exciting action game gameplay, and I believe there are even more to be discovered.

If you like the idea of playing hidden object scenes that are almost identical to the cute little kids Christmas stories that you have read in your preschool years, then you are going to love playing Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas. In the game, you are lead through a snowy Christmas forest to the present scene in the mall. You will need to find the lost son of Santa Claus in order to complete the game. As you move throughout the mall, you will encounter many different obstacles and tricky puzzle stages. When you finally reach Santa’s home, you will need to find your way back to the exit before the snow starts to fall.

Of all the different Android games that I have played, this one is probably my favorite. The storyline is very thrilling, as well as the physics engine that is used to create the many different obstacles. When you are stuck on a piece of scenery, for example, you will see a snowman coming right at you to get that pesky piece of trash out of your way. But, you can also use your one finger to aim and shoot the snowman instead. The whole environment is very realistic, so when you are playing on your Android device, you will feel like you are really in that Christmas forest.

The objective of each level is simple: eliminate all of the red impostors that have invaded the mall, and one member of your team has to stay behind to collect money and other items for the remaining crew members. Each level is quite different, but each one is made even more difficult by the unique storyline, as well as the different abilities of each character. There are also several levels where you must survive a brief bout of extreme cold weather. Overall, the gameplay of this game is among the most enjoyable that I have had in a very long time. From the funny sounds that are associated with the gameplay to the unique physics system, the Red Imposter mobile game is among the best that I have had this year.

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