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A Review of the Swordigo Fantasy Role Playing Game

A Review of the Swordigo Fantasy Role Playing Game

Immerse yourself in the Swordigo World and have a gala time with Swordigo: Gold Rush. Swing and soar through an amazing world of physics-based action and embark on a heroic adventure! The hottest 3D arcade action game and a slashing, sword-blasting, physics-based platform game, now available for Android devices and tablets. There’s never a dull moment as you swing between platforms, battle a host of enemy soldiers, and blast your way to the top of this crazy adventure.

The evil wizard Lordaeron has unleashed his evil powers upon the world and it is up to you to bring him justice by mastering the many magical powers you can unleash as you fight through five massive bosses before he eliminates you. When you enter the fantasy world created for you in Swordigo, your hero has one goal only and that is to defeat the Lich King and return to Northrend. To do this, you must conquer each of the five levels including the very first one which is known as the Castle of Flames. When you reach this level, you will meet the evil wizard, Lordaeron, who commands the armies of the Burning Legion. Immerse yourself into the exciting world of Swordigo and use your mastery of physics to blast your way to victory.

You will battle your way through two halls where you need to blast your way through to the throne room of Lordaeron where you face him and engage him in a mortal combat. Using your magical powers to blast your way though the fight you are engaged in, you will also have to take down several undead creatures along the way. When you reach the final confrontation with your long-term enemy, you will be confronted with the decision – Do you go through the portal on the right side to Northrend or use the lich’s blade to kill him. If you chose to go through the portal on the right side, you will be teleported to the world of Azeroth. If you killed him using the sword, you will have defeated the evil Lich King and return to Northrend where you will have a chance to gain revenge on the man responsible for your father’s death.

The second area of Swordigo requires that you defeat the three illusions that can easily be found through the lower portal on the right. These illusions will send you to a place called the Howling Fjord where you fight the mighty Worgen boss. The fight is quite a challenge because the three Worgens all utilize their high range attack which can be hard to track because they often move in a spread pattern. However, once you get the hang of fighting these Worgens, you will notice that the fight is not entirely a contest. The three Worgens even have special abilities that you have to learn and master in order to kill them.

The third area of Swordigo is the final area of the game where you face off against the final boss of the game, the archer named Vali. This archer also has some unique abilities that you must learn and master in order to defeat him. Once you do, the final battle with Vali comes to an end and you will be transported back to level 25. If you completed the main story line of Swordigo, you will also be given the chance to visit the Silverwing Refuge where you can speak with Archmage Leoric about the future of the World of Warcraft.

The entire game of Swordigo is very challenging. You will be required to think quickly and make the right decisions in order to be successful. Because of this, you should avoid fighting too many opponents at the same time or you will be defeated before you have a chance to gain experience or learn new skills. As you progress through the game, you will come across several other challenges. You may also have to use magic against some of the creatures of the Swordigo realm such as dragons. You must also be alert because there are a lot of hostile creatures which you will have to dispose of.

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