You are currently viewing Roblox Removal Tutorial – How to Remove the Roblox Virus From Your PC

Roblox Removal Tutorial – How to Remove the Roblox Virus From Your PC

Roblox is not dangerous. Its just very silly. Since I bought it about two years ago I have had to stop playing it because of all the annoying little kids I have been losing to.

But like 2 years ago I realized, its a bunch of little whiny 7 year old’s who like to whine and demand all day long. So thank god Minecraft was on the way to save me again. So here I am back in Roblox land and its time for me to play some of my favourite games on the roblox platform. Like most people, when I first heard of this game I though its a terrible virus program. When I actually downloaded it I was shocked when a message appeared saying its not a virus. Then I saw that it was actually an automated game creator which converts the files you would like to play into a nice game.

I love Roblox and this was clearly just a hacking attempt by the hackers. Roblox has a reputation of being one of the best gaming platforms on the internet. Their history goes way back since its creation back in 1995. They were initially developed as an online educational system where users could interact through a chat room to share ideas, news and trivia. Recently they have expanded to include many gaming options including virtual pets and instant game creation. But recently, several hackers have been creating games and applications that are essentially virus applications that install themselves onto your computer when you try to play them.

So what makes these malware applications dangerous? Because they are created using game emulators which means that instead of actually interacting with the computer, the malware gets you to click on links and open up files while pretending to be something else. Once you open up the infected application or file it will begin to execute some kind of code. This virus is known as a “malware” (malicious software) because once you download the roblox game it will begin to install a working copy of itself onto your PC.

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