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Roblox Online Games and Chats

Many experts also point out that children are more likely to be prey to pedophiles and predators if they have access to a computer with internet. Roblox tries to combat this issue by allowing parents to control the content their kids access online. For instance, parents may set a certain password that restricts them from accessing certain websites. Roblox makes available several other security options, including a “parental control” button that parents can click that instantly blocks inappropriate content.

But how safe is it for kids to chat on a social networking platform using a third-party messaging program? The short answer is not very. Roblox claims that their Chat Service is “aimed at providing parents with a way to talk to their children,” but at the same time they note that children have easy access to chat programs and message boards. In fact, a quick Google search for Roblox chat will reveal many chat rooms that are actually frequented by predators and pedophiles. Moreover, chatting on a public platform is much easier for predators to reach out to kids than chatting on a private one.

With that said, it is important for parents to remember that Roblox is a site for kids. The site is a great place for young players to chat and play. However, Roblox users who want to play games, engage in discussions, or buy and sell items should exercise caution. Roblox allows parents to block their kids’ chat history, which should help keep unwanted influences out of the system. Finally, as a reminder, chatting online should be done with caution and supervision, and should never be done with anyone but trusted friends and family members.

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